The Most Bipartisan 2 Days in Washington You will Ever See

The Most Bipartisan 2 Days in Washington You will Ever See

It’s hard to find any common ground between the Democrats and Republicans in Washington these days. The rhetoric, the twisting of words and attacking, even screaming “impeach, impeach” every time a camera is near, has caused an apparent toxic environment.

However, on March 2nd and 3rd there will be unity on a single issue that will overtake Washington DC.

Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, Kevin McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi, Chris Coons and Tom Cotton, and many more normally diametrically opposed leaders will take the stage together along with Vice President Pence and Ambassador Nikki Haley in front of over 18,000 activists and world leaders.

Over 18,000 activists from across America, from all different sides of the political spectrum, will gather side by side for two days to show support and also get a high level education. Stanch Democrats, the most conservative Republicans, LGBT and Pastors, will join together in Washington to support one… single… issue… that they all agree on and stand passionately for. They have traveled to learn from the top analysts in the world and to have a voice themselves.

A wide variety of world leaders will also attend and take the stage of support. This issue is of a unified voice in America, but not throughout the rest of the world. Because this issue impacts the world.

What is this issue that could bring such unity? It is unity on an issue that has lasted, and even strengthened, over decades.


American Support for Israel.

America and Israel are strategic partners. They have the same enemies, they share the same values of freedom for all citizens, they share technology and business development, and they both take national security very seriously.

Iran and her terrorist organizations in Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza strip have Israel at the brink of war and the Middle East in turmoil.

The nations of the world are choosing sides. Many nations that choose the side of America and Israel will take the stage alongside Prime Minister Netanyahu and the American leadership to let it be known where they stand. They stand on the right side of history, past and future.

The small number of radical organizations against the issue will protest outside the Washington DC Convention Center. Radical elements of the far left have bought into false propaganda, distorted history, and will be protesting against even their own leadership. The media does not usually cover these particular protests. There is a false rhetoric, false propaganda by the far left that most news organizations will not even give credit to. This is that one issue.

Starting Saturday at 7pm, March 4th , the main events and several of the educational ‘breakout sessions’ will be web streamed live from the Washington DC Convention Center on CSPAN has historically covered the main sessions in its entirety. Select speeches of Vice President Pence, Ambassador Nikki Haley and Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu will likely be picked up live by Fox News and other news outlets.

The swords of rhetoric have to be laid down when they all actually agree on something. It will be a refreshing tone in Washington, for these two days at least.

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