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As author and founder of Church4Israel, I am extremely honored to be invited to attend the Christian Media Summit in Israel, but I need help.

Support for Israel, by being a voice, is an assignment from the Lord I accepted 10 years ago. The ministry, Church4Israel, I founded has been a self-funded passion, writing and educating the Church on the truth on the ground in Israel as well as teaching on the policies that make a difference. 
For 10 years I have been a devoted volunteer lay activist for the U.S. Israel relationship. I travel several times a year to DC, at my own expense, to speak to Congress on upcoming U.S. policy that helps Israel. My articles and education to Christians in America has reached tens of thousands. 

There are a small handful of friends that have donated over the years to help with the web-hosting costs and travel expenses of this work. I am grateful.

Last week, August 25th,  I was honored to be invited to participate in the “Christian Media Summit” in Jerusalem in October 2018.

It is an amazing opportunity and a huge honor! It is a hosted event, but I have to purchase my airfare and have other expenses.

This year I have been taking care of my Mother full time after a terrible accident she had. The expenses and lack of income resulting from this have left the coffers for travel dry. And most of all it has stopped my ability to travel and do conferences, public speaking that I normally do. It has also, with apologies, slowed down my article writing. But God is honoring my past work over the last 10 years and has now bestowed this wonderful honor.

I sincerely need help to make this amazing opportunity happen. And I have to do it quickly! 

Please make your best donation below, or contact me directly if you can assist with airfare or a place to stay in Jerusalem for a few days after the conference. 

With Sincere gratitude,

Robin Rowan is the email or 251-401-5152 is the best phone contact.  


It is the 70th Anniversary of Israel and the 50th Anniversary of a unified Jerusalem!

Celebrate with us. See below for Monthly Partnership.

Enjoy this commemorative magnet of President Trump Praying at the Western Wall. It started with PRAYER!

I hand designed this special magnet as a great way to remind us to pray.

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The standard U.S.- Israel Lapel pin is also available if you prefer.

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Lobbying  for Israel is hard work, but very rewarding. Please support the work, and join us in DC!

It’s effective, but I can’t do it alone…

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Thank you and may God Bless you!