A Safer Britain for Jews, Thanks to Brexit and a New Prime Minister.
New Prime Minister Theresa May - photo credit Frantzasco Kangaris/AFP

A Safer Britain for Jews, Thanks to Brexit and a New Prime Minister.

Robin Rowan 7/13/2016

In an April 2015 event for Israel’s Independence Day celebration in London, Great Britain’s Theresa May made an impassioned speech highlighting the importance of the future of the Jewish State of Israel and the safety of the Jewish community.

At the time of the speech May was Great Britain’s Secretary of State for the Home Department, also known as Home Secretary, a cabinet level position. After the exiting of Great Britain from the European Union in June 2016, known popularly as “Brexit,” Prime Minister David Cameron resigned.

Theresa May will take Cameron’s place as Prime Minister of Great Britain on July 13, 2016.

In her 2015 speech to the Jewish community in London she expressed heart felt respect for Israel and great concern for the Jewish community in Great Britain.

“It is a tragic fact of history that the Jewish people have had to protect themselves against repeated attempts to obliterate them. The safety of the Jewish people can never be taken for granted.”

The incoming Prime Minister of Great Britain had visited Israel in 2014 for the purpose of meeting “experts in cybersecurity and to see the progress Israel has made in combatting modern slavery, challenges that both Israel and the UK are combatting with great determination. The UK had enacted the “Modern Slavery Act,” the first law of its kind in Europe. As Home Secretary of Great Britain, human trafficking had become a priority time for her.

Great Britain learned a great deal from Israel who was the first country in the world to pass anti-slavery legislation. The cutting edge cyber technology in Israel is helping stop child trafficking around the world. The future Prime Minister considers Israel a strong ally and partner in fighting human trafficking and slavery.

While she was in Israel the three teenagers were kidnapped and killed, starting the 2014 summer war with Gaza. She witnessed firsthand the terrorism against Israel.

She also commented on the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and Great Britain.

“As Home Secretary, I’ve been appalled by the reports from the Home Security Trust and others, indicating a rise in antiemetic attacks in the UK, that’s why I have worked closely with my colleges…from all parties to make sure the Home Office is taking all actions necessary to combat anti-Semitic hate crimes…”

Among other funding, seven million pounds was allocated to fund private guards’ at all Jewish private Schools and Colleges, 3 million pounds to protect Synagogues and Jewish Community Centers and even a Mission Controls Center was established to respond rapidly to those who need help.

The security measures for Jewish gathering places were taken by Great Britain under the then Home Secretary Theresa May as a wave of Antisemitism enveloped Europe with frequent terror attacks against Jewish citizens on their way to Synagogues, in kosher restaurants and community centers. The terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen against Jewish gathering places brought attention to the ongoing daily terror attacks that have caused Jews in Europe to refrain from wearing traditional clothing and keeping a low profile in public. Now in an independent Britain under May as Prime Minister, they may find safety.

We applaud the new Prime Minister and are confident that the relationship with Israel, while strong under Cameron, will now take move into an even stronger partnership. Most importantly, we are optimistic that Prime Minister May will continue to prioritize the fight against Antisemitism and provide a safe place in Great Britain for the Jewish community.

Watch her speech here  – (11 minutes)