BDS is Blindly Supporting Terrorism

BDS is Blindly Supporting Terrorism

Why are U.S. Church Denominations, Universities, and now the far left political movement, deceived by BDS into supporting terrorism?
 – A church denomination divested its investments, in protest, from a company that prevents terror attacks against Jews.
 by Robin Rowan 3-10-2018  and 4-4-2019

(Authors note – this article was originally published on 9/18/16. Within hours there were two more terror attacks in Israel. Israel deals with this every day. Americans must know the truth.)

Truth Turned Upside Down

Terrorists are successful in politically turning truth and history upside down. Those easily deceived quickly fall for the false propaganda perpetrated by Islamists.

The lies against Israel are promoted for evil long term strategies.

Church denominations, Universities, the far left political movement in America, are convinced it is a great idea to BoycottIsrael,  Divest investment funds from Israeli companies; not only Israeli companies but also U.S. companies doing business with Israel.

The United Nations is called by Israel’s enemies to Sanction Israel. It is known as the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. It has taken a stronghold throughout Europe and supported by the political Left in the United States.


Enemies of Israel have won over easily fooled with false information. The truth is perverted so that evil appears good.

The BDS movement has one goal – to completely delegitimize Israel; to turn the world against Israel.


Reliving the pre-Holocaust Days

Before the Holocaust, a very similar campaign took place. As Hitler was growing his power base, a series of rumors and deceptions against the Jewish people spread across Germany and then Europe.

Rumors of Jews using the blood of Christian children in rituals, referred to as the “Blood Libel,” and other lies about the Jewish people successfully built anti-Semitism to such a fervor that Jews began to be restricted from their professions and vilified in society.

The success of this campaign is why many Christians stood by and did nothing when the Holocaust started. They did not raise their voices and object because “it was just the Jews.” Their minds were filled with so many false rumors and lies about the Jewish people that it made them indifferent to the horrors that were taking place as six million innocent Jewish people, entire families, massacred.

Iran, Islamists, the Palestinian leadership, have a new strategy with a similar end game. It sounds absurd but they are winning hearts and minds with terror. They believe that as Palestinians randomly attack and kill Israeli citizens on the streets with knives, axes, and cars ramming bus stops, when the Israel police kill the acting terrorist, the Palestinians scream to the world “The evil Israelis are killing Palestinians! The world must do something!”

The Palestinians believe the world, at least the political liberals, will support them and come to their aid. The problem is that it’s working.

against Israel so that they may destroy her. The elimination of Israel is the end game.

Where did BDS come from?


The BDS movement was started by Iran and Islamists bent on Israel’s destruction. It is grounded in anti-Semitism. The plan has been highly effective in its simplicity.

It seems upside down, but it is working amazingly well as they have turned lies into truth and are attempting to change history.

In BDS propaganda Israel is called an Apartheid state, meaning that they prevent Arabs from participating in business, and society, comparing it to the horrendous South African Apartheid of discrimination and segregation of a race of people. For 40 years in South Africa, Apartheid laws segregated blacks from whites, making the black majority population live in separate areas, forbid mixed marriages, moved them out of the cities so there were no areas of mixed races. Blacks were not allowed to own property, only rent, and not allowed to own businesses.

Critics of the claim argue that Israel cannot be called an apartheid state because unlike South Africa, which enshrined its racial segregation policies in law, Israeli law is the same for Jewish citizens and other Israeli citizens, with no explicit distinction between race, creed or sex.

In Israel the Arabs, Christians, and Jews live side by side, do business together. Arabs serve on the Israel Supreme Court, are elected to the Knesset (Israel’s Congress) and have full freedom of religion and own property.

In Judea and Samari, known as the “West Bank,” Jewish neighborhoods are separate from Arab neighborhoods for security purposes but they live side by side in peace. The Jewish families shop at the Arab stores and eat at Arab owned restaurants. They live in peace with each other.

The far left and anti-Israel factions do not want this known.

However, the Arab ruling government, the Palestinian Authority, is determined that Israel should not exist and causes much separation. They encourage terrorism against Jews and even forbid an Arab from selling land to a Jew. It is the Palestinian side that demands Apartheid on the Jews by training their children to hate a kill the Jews.

Encouragement of terrorism against a race of people is beyond Apartheid.  That is what the PA does.

The truth of what is happening on the ground is turned upside down in the propaganda war.

Airbnb, an American company, participates in BDS by refusing to allow Jewish families to rent their accommodation to travelers in the ‘West Bank.’ Airbnb only allows Arabs to rent their houses on Airbnb. It is discrimination against Jews. It is the true BDS movement.


Why would a Church denomination boycott a company that prevents terror attacks against Jews?

How has the false propaganda been successful? How are mild-mannered Americans and church denominations blindly led into supporting terrorism against Jews in our day?

Here is only one example. 

The Presbyterian Church USA (PC USA), and many other organizations with Liberal voices in their leadership, have been convinced by Israel’s enemies that Israel is persecuting the Arab Palestinians.

They accuse Israel of committing “Apartheid” and “human rights violations” against Palestinians. There is no truth behind it, but the church leadership believes it.

While PC USA is not the only Church or organization that has fallen for this deception, the terror attack at the time of this writing is related to their action.

Later the Methodist Church leadership was pulled into the BDS movement and had a vote to turn against Israel via BDS. Fortunately, the African leaders of the worldwide Methodist Church overruled and stopped that vote from taking place.

In March 2014 the Presbyterian Church USA (PC USA) “divested from Israel,” in protest of the lies they had come to believe about Israeli treatment of Palestinians.
The organization pulled investment funds from three companies. One of those companies was Motorola. Why? Because Motorola is contracted by Israel to provide the security cameras in Judea / Samaria, aka the  “West Bank.”
PC USA leadership was convinced by enemies of Israel that any company providing security for Jews was somehow hurting the Palestinians.
The “West Bank” includes Judea, land east of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. It is an area of Israel where the Palestinian Arabs self-rule over Arabs neighborhoods, but Israel provides security for all citizens and the Jewish neighborhoods.
On September 18, 2016, at 1:40 am the Motorola camera system in the West Bank picked up a potential terrorist walking up the hills adjacent to the peaceful Jewish town of Efrat.

Upon seeing the approaching danger on the video feed, local security forces and the IDF were called out. According to a report in the Jewish Press, the IDF and Efrat security searched all night for the terrorist who had made it inside the Jewish town. The terrorist eventually leaped out of the bushes where he was hiding and stabbed an IDF soldier around 6 am.

The search and capture of the terrorist thwarted what could have been a major terror attack costing many lives.

The company, Motorola, was financially attacked, divested from, by the church because they protect Jewish lives!

(For more on the complete story of the three companies the PC USA divested from, see Church4Israel article Presbyterian Church USA turns against Israel; are they also siding with Palestinian Terrorists?)

And more to come – 

The United Nations, anti-Israel to its core, will soon publish a “blacklist” of companies doing business with Israel in the “West Bank.” This includes American companies, like Motorola, so the boycotts against them can continue. The goal is to discourage any company form doing business with Israel.

BDS is NOT freedom of speech, it is a financial attack on America and Israel.

BDS Propaganda is rooted in Anti-Semitism, invaded U.S. Universities.

Whenever the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are compelled to take down these terrorists by force, the global media campaign promotes that the falsehood that “wicked Israelis are killing innocent Palestinians.” The false propaganda, the upside down truth, says that Israel has an “apartheid” policy concerning Arabs. It claims that Israel is killing Arabs in the streets. The truth is that innocent Israelis live in a state of terror, not knowing from where the next attack will come.

The Islamists have spread this anti-Semitic campaign against Israel throughout Europe and the United States and most evidently on college campuses.

Hamas has surrogates out campaigning on university campuses and infiltrating church denomination leadership. The purpose is to “de-legitimize” Israel, to harm Israel and companies that do business there. The goal is to hurt Israel politically so that there will be no support when Israeli is attacked.

Below is a short video introduction of the radical rantings of these BDS campaigns by terrorist groups on college campuses.


The entire 30-minute documentary Crossing the Line 2 can be viewed here.

In truth, Arabs, Muslims of all sects, as well as Christians, are completely free in Israel and serve on the Knesset (Israel’s Congress), on their equivalent to the Supreme Court, in leadership in business, and own businesses. Israel is the only free democracy in the Middle East and the only place that all religions and women are free, just like in America.

The same propaganda campaign worked in 2014 with the continuous rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza. Like Hamas, the terror organization that runs Gaza used their women and children as human shields and openly terrorized Israeli towns with non-stop rocket fire; the propaganda machine was in full throttle.

From Rockets to Knife Attacks

The Palestinian Authority, the governing body over the Arab populations in Israel, now is focused on giving monetary rewards to the families of young men who will commit acts of terror. This is openly supported by Iran. The terrorists are lifted as heroes, and the families are rewarded for years for the sacrifice their ‘martyred’ family members.

The “Stabbing Intifada” started in September 2015 with the Palestinian Authority encouraging the stabbing of Jews in the head, attempting to kill them, as a protest to the status of the Temple Mount under Israel’s control. The Islamists contend that Israel and the Jewish people have no right to east Jerusalem or the Temple Mount where they have placed their Mosque.

From October 2015 to June 30, 2016, the Palestinians have carried out attacks in extraordinary numbers:
Eighty-one stabbings, 56 attempted stabbings, 30 car attacks, 20 shootings, and four bombings.

Many of the stabbings victims are wounded. 35 Israeli citizens were killed including five citizens of other countries, 2 Americans. The Washington Post report that researched the numbers calls it “A New Kind of Terrorism in Israel.”

Thanks to BDS, Jews are fleeing Europe

With anti-Semitism at an all-time high throughout Europe, thousands of Jews are fleeing to Israel.  Israel will continue to take care of her people. The anti-Israel United Nations is determined to tell Israel that they cannot build houses for their people on the very land on which Abraham laid the Jewish origins of Judea and Samaria, the “West Bank.”

The U.S. organizations and churches that have fallen into the deception of the Islamists trying to destroy Israel need to first, read their Bible, they will learn much history of Israel and the Jewish people in its text. Next, they need to look at a map, a history book and not believe everything they read on the internet, especially when laced with hate.

Take Action against BDS

Over twenty-six states have taken action against the BDS movement.  Voices must be raised to educate deceived Americans to the truth, and urging Congress and the President to not waver in any way on our support of the only free democracy in the Middle East and our strategic partner, Israel.

Congress is trying to take a strong stand against BDS, but YOUR VOICE MATTERS. Now young new members of Congress that have been raised in the anti-Israel far left Universities are vocally spewing the propaganda and pressuring Democrat leadership to forego their long stand with Israel. The new young Congresspeople do not know the truth, but the pressure they are putting on the pro-Israel leadership is having an impact.

Calling your Representative and Senator to stand against the BDS movement is more important now that ever before.