Ari Fuld, Popular Pro-Israel Activist, Killed by Arab Terrorist

Ari Fuld, Popular Pro-Israel Activist, Killed by Arab Terrorist

Ari Fuld was stabbed in the back by a 17 year old Palestinian terrorist as he visited the mall near Gush Etzion on September 16th, 2018. Ari Fuld was a dual U.S – Israeli citizen, patriot, popular Facebook video blogger that loved Israel.

U.S. Ambassador David Friedman tweeted

Ari was a very popular video blogger on Facebook, Ari’s Facebook page “Ari Fuld’s Israel Defense Page” also known as “Sword of Israel” was liked and followed by over 27,000 people. He promoted the truth about Israel- changing the narrative about Israel- telling the truth about Jewish history.

Ari was Outspoken Against Terrorism

“I want to send my sincerest condolences to the Fuld family, to the residents of Efrat and all of Gush Etzion over the shocking murder of Ari Fuld,” said President of Israel Reuven Rivlin. “No one will resist terror so forcefully as Ari, who displayed exceptional courage and fought until the last moment — we too will pursue by any means the perpetrators of this attack.”

His Facebook video, filmed on September 11 , viewed by over 5000 people, was dedicated to the 2997 victims of the World Trade Center bombing. It bothered him that the terrorists were included in the number of deaths.  He said “Terrorists should not survive a terror attack.”  “Terrorists should be killed on the spot!”

He lived his words. After being violently stabbed, Ari ran after the terrorist that had just stabbed him, jumped a wall and shot the 17 year old Palestinian. Ironically, the terrorist survived, Ari did not.

The Palestinian youth may have targeted Ari Fuld. The Jerusalem Post report that the 17 year old hung around outside the mall, even bought a Falafel and sat calmly on a wall, waiting, before stabbing this popular pro-Israel advocate.

The popular September 11th video went on to give details about Muslim terrorism in general, the jihad, the similarities of the 9/11 attacks had to the Islamist threat to all western nations.  Ari was passionate about fighting terrorism, not just in Israel, but throughout the world.

Ari Fuld Spoke the Truth that He Lived

Ari lived in Efrat, a beautiful Jewish town in the Judea hills south of Jerusalem. I visited this town with a Rabbi friend of mine during  a visit to Israel several years ago. The Rabbi explained to me that in this area of Judea, southeast of Jerusalem, politically called the “West Bank,” the Jews and Palestinians lived side by side. We shopped in a Palestinian hardware store, we saw the intermingling of Jews and Arabs in the marketplace. He told me the Jews go to the best Thai restaurant in a Palestinian village nearby. As we overlooked the Palestinian villages near this peaceful town of Efrat, we prayed for peace.

But as my Rabbi friend and Ari both knew, if the Palestinians continue to teach their children to hate the Jews, and to have to have a goal to kill Jews, and then reward the families of terrorists with monthly payments…in that condition, there can not be peace.

Now his friend, a friend to all of Israel, Ari, has been killed at a peaceful mall by a youth that was trained to hate and kill.

Ari, Former Paratrooper, Now Fought in the Propaganda War Against Israel

Ari spoke throughout the United States and the world, telling the truth that is not popular to be spoken. That it is the Palestinians that are the occupiers, which have colonized Jewish land. He often broadcast his pro-Israel videos from the Western Wall showing how the Jewish wall of thousands of years ago, the wall around the sacred Temple Mount had been taken by Arabs by violence. It was the Arabs that colonized Jewish land, occupied it, and  put a golden dome on top of the ancient Holy Jewish Temple now claiming it as a mosque.


Ari’s mission statement was clear –

“I fight anti Israel propaganda and expose those who spread it. I will give the facts to defend Israel and to destroy those who lie and fabricate history”

In one of his last posts, he celebrated the Holidays at the Western Wall –

“Last night was a miracle of biblical proportions. 
The Nation of Israel gathered from all four corners of the earth praying in Jerusalem.
We are living our ancestors fantasies and dreams.
It’s time…..
May we all be inscribed in the book of life and final redemption and the building of the Bet Hamikdash. (not in that order specifically)”


Ari Fuld Supported the IDF

A strong advocate for the IDF, Ari recently started a campaign to provide cooling neck garments for the IDf soldiers during a heat wave. He love so Israel and the IDF, he dedicated his life to being a voice for truth.


His best friend posted a grieving video from the Western Wall just hours after Ari’s killing.

  • Robin Rowan 9/16/2018