3 American Rabbis slaughtered in Synagogue by Palestinian terroists
Photo Credit - Reuters / Ronen Zvulun

3 American Rabbis slaughtered in Synagogue by Palestinian terroists

3 American and 1 British Rabbi slaughtered while praying in Jerusalem Synagogue.

In the middle of morning prayers, the terrorists entered the synagogue with meat cleavers, an ax, knives and guns. Wrapped in prayer shawls, four Rabbis were killed, four are in in critical condition, and many more injured.

Six terror attacks against the Israel Jewish community have been carried out by Palestinians in less than a month killing six people, including an infant baby, and women. Palestinian terrorists are driving their cars into the metro stops, attacking with knives on the streets, and now with an ax and meat cleavers attack a Synagogue in West Jerusalem, killing Rabbis during prayers.

CNN reports that since American citizens were killed in the attack, the FBI will be involved in the investigation.
The terrorists, who were cousins from East Jerusalem, were killed by police.

According to interviews and reports by the Associated Press, The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a militant group, claimed the cousins were its members.

The Israeli police quickly went into the neighbor of the terrorists and were met with unrest, with rocks and stones soon thrown at them. PM Netanyahu has ordered the homes of the terrorists destroyed.

Israel PM Netanyahu blamed the violence on incitement by both Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and said the international community ignores the incitement.

There are indications, supported by comments by Israel PM Netanyahu, that these terrorist attacks are directly related to the riots that have been ongoing on the Temple Mount since June. The Palestinians of Eastern Jerusalem are claiming that the Jews have no right to the Temple Mount, the most holy and sacred Jewish site. They are trying to forbid Jewish access to the area, claiming it belongs solely to the Muslims. The Mosque built on top of the Temple Mount is considered now a Muslim sacred site. The East Jerusalem Palestinians dismiss any Jewish history of the area and demand complete control of it.

The previous terrorist attacks against the Jewish community in Israel, killing of innocent women and children by Palestinian terrorists, the riots on the Temple Mount, have been ignored by the US media. The Jewish community in Jerusalem is under siege and no one is reporting it.

Now that American citizens, Rabbis in prayer, have been slaughtered by an ax wielding Palestinian terrorists, maybe now the American press will start to report the truth.