Supreme Court Preparing for Election Cases

Supreme Court Preparing for Election Cases

The election in the United States is not over. The Supreme Court is preparing and has now assigned Justices to the Circuit Courts that will be hearing many of the election cases. As most states of the United States have not yet certified the results, the electors for the electoral college have not been assigned. This is despite the media claiming the election is over based on their “projections’ of who won.

In America, each state legislature makes the election rules for that state. It is not a “Federal” election. Many lawsuits are being filed in several states regarding the irregularities. The massive amount of mail-in ballots has caused chaos in many states and many ballots are being found to have been submitted fraudulently and against the laws of the states.

The U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to hear the cases on the Presidential election. A multitude of election-related court cases is quickly moving up through the courts.
Supreme Court Justices have now been assigned to their Circuits.

How it works

How the cases move through the court and why it matters –
A case starts with the local trial court. If a party does not like the way it was ruled or feels like something is unfair, a case can be appealed. It then goes to an appellate court, first to the district court and then it can move up to the circuit court. Some cases can go straight to the circuit court.
Appeals courts consist of three judges and do not use a jury. The judges rule on the case as presented.

The 94 federal judicial districts are divided into13 appellate circuit courts that sit below the U.S. Supreme Court, and they are called the U.S. Courts of Appeals. A Supreme Court Justice is assigned to each circuit.

The Assignments –

The new session for the Supreme Court started in October. On November 20, 2020, the Justices were assigned to each circuit. They will rule on motions, appeals, and emergency requests that come up in the circuit court. From this point, the case often goes to the full Supreme Court for a hearing.
This applies to the court cases on the election as they make their way up through the appellate courts.

There are several States that have lawsuits coming up on the election.

Here is which Supreme Court Justice has been assigned to each Circuit.



is in the Eleventh Circuit assigned to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, a more conservative Justice.


is in the Third Circuit and has been assigned to Associate Justice Sam Alito. Justice Alito is considered conservative and has already ruled that Pennsylvania has to separate all mail-in ballots that came in after November 3rd.
The Pennsylvania state court made a rule right before the election that ballots could arrive up to three days after election day. This is unconstitutional because only the State Legislature can change the rules and laws regarding elections.
Now there is should be another ruling by Alito soon of whether those ballots must be thrown out. They are waiting to get a final count of how many ballots are involved.


is in the Sixth Circuit and assigned to Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


is in the Seventh Circuit and has been assigned to Associate Justice Amy Comey Barrett.
As we pray for the lawyers and these cases regarding the election, let us also pray for the Supreme Court Justices for wisdom as they prepare for the cases to come to them.
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